Amazon Click & Collect
In Store

Amazon Click&Collect In Store is the initiative aimed at retailers who wish to deliver the products purchased on Amazon directly to the store. With Click&Collect In Store, you can reach customers who are near your location quickly, conveniently and flexibly.

eDock is integrated with Amazon Click&Collect In Store to guarantee you the best omnichannel experience.

Receive customers immediately in store.

With Amazon Click & Collect integrated with eDock:

  • manage the inventory of each store
  • integrate with SellerCentral and your warehouse management system
  • make the most of your omnichannel

Inventory management for multiple warehouses

Respecting the quality standards that Amazon requires is essential. Click&Collect expects you to display the availability of each individual store with the stock of each item.

With eDock, the inventory is updated starting from every sale made in the store.


  • Inventory

  • Order management

  • Integration

Omnicalnalità quella vera

Omnichannel, the real one

Click&Collect In Store, or in-store collection, is designed to enrich the shopping experience for your customers. An omnichannel experience, in fact.

To be able to do this, you must guarantee delivery to the store in a very short time. In hours, not days. 

With the eDock inventory you can manage the quantities available for sale of each product for each point of sale.

Segnala l'ordine senza stress

Report stress-free delivery

Each order is processed with collection made by the customer in the store. 

Signal from eDock that the delivery has taken place, in order to also signal to Amazon that the transaction has been concluded and that the payment must be released.

Integrazione con i sistemi di cassa

Your till "enters" on eDock

Whatever your till, your management system or your POS, it doesn't matter: you can integrate it with eDock.

Take advantage of the APIs that we make available to each customer and their technical representatives to have a high-performance and integrated system.


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