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Harness the power of our technology.

Unleash the full potential of our cutting-edge technology. MarketRock is a powerful and adaptable software that streamlines order processing, stock synchronization, and catalog distribution across all marketplaces.

Whether you choose to utilize its intuitive interfaces or integrate with APIs, the outcome remains the same.


Multitenant Platform As A Service

MarketRock è affidabile


MarketRock's microservices technology is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Risk management, queues and processes are in good hands.

MarketRock è scalabile


It doesn't matter how many products you have to update or how many orders you have to process: the data infrastructure is designed for large volumes.

MarketRock è Integrabile


We expose an "API layer" completely separate from that of logic: integrating MarketRock, for your IT, will be simple and fast.

MarketRock è semplice


MarketRock's interfaces are simple to use. Automating your marketplace sales is a journey we want to make you comfortable.


What eCommerce Managers think

Hear the testimony of those who use MarketRock regularly, those who put it under stress and those who need performance not to affect their daily operations.

"Whether you are a Brand or a Retailer, the multi-channel path is the only way to pursue from an omnichannel point of view. eDock is the indispensable tool for distributing your products quickly and easily on multiple online sales channels."

"I have been working with MarketRock for more than ten years, it is an indispensable tool for better managing one's online sales channels, automating many daily activities otherwise almost impossible to manage according to a manual approach."

“MarketRock is the right solution to quickly activate and integrate different sales channels. Indispensable tool for those who want a product catalog independent of any platform, it allows you to focus on the most important thing: selling.”


Fracomina manages its orders starting from an integrated logistics and using its over 20 stores as collection points.


By integrating MarketRock with its systems, Fracomina now manages the automatic printing of waybills for shipments and returns.


The enhanced automation has allowed savings in terms of 2 FTE/year and a decentralization of processes for greater operational efficiency.

Logo Farmacia Loreto

Italy's best-known online pharmacy was due to launch its Amazon account in less than a month. 70,000 total products in the catalogue.


The support of a certified e-commerce manager was crucial in being able to achieve the goal that has been achieved.


The outsourcing of technology and project has allowed the Farmacia Loreto team to maintain focus. Amazon started and operated.


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