Shipping made easy with your couriers

With MarketRock, you can easily manage all your shipments by communicating with the couriers you work with. Our engine for selecting the most cost-effective courier gives you the opportunity to save on your shipments while maintaining control over each one you prepare. The printing of waybills and the return of tracking codes allow you to automate every step of synchronization with marketplaces and the shipping of your e-commerce, making you more efficient in overall order management.

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Printing of shipping labels

  • Tracking code

  • Borderò

  • Picking list

  • Massive printing

  • Export

All in one click

API integration allows you to seamlessly organize shipment preparation directly within the MarketRock environment.

With just one click, you can send shipment information to Bartolini, GLS, DHL, or one of our many integrated couriers.

The default "Shipped" order status is seamlessly integrated with all marketplaces, so you can automatically communicate the shipment tracking code.

Shipping details at your fingertips

Just one more click and you'll have access to view and print the organized list of shipments.

Known as the "borderò" in the logistics industry, it gets populated with each organized shipment.

Printing the borderò is another time-saving feature as you can do it directly from MarketRock's interfaces without having to leave the context you're accustomed to using daily.

Connect with the warehouses.

To enable effective communication with warehouse operators, you have the option to print the picking list.

This list includes the location of the merchandise on the shelves, making order preparation a simple and low-risk operation.

Select, click, and initiate the printing process

Launching the printing of a significant number of labels becomes as fast as launching the printing of just one.

Choose how many rows you want and then send the mass print. The only limit? How much paper you have available :)

International Shipments

International shipments outside the European Union are effectively exports.

When it comes to exports, it is crucial to prepare a set of documents to be attached to the departing package, such as the commercial invoice.

MarketRock can provide the necessary documents to the courier, giving you the seamless ability to manage shipments that extend across the globe with ease!

MarketRock può inviare al corriere i documenti necessari, per darti la possibilità di gestire facilmente anche le spedizioni che vanno dall'altra parte del Mondo!


Integration with marketplaces

Tracking code updated

Shipping progress updates on marketplaces are automated by MarketRock. It doesn't matter whether you sell on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Zalando, Yoox or another marketplace. The upgrade mechanism will help you spend less time.

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

If you are one of the merchants who have the possibility to use the "Prime managed by the seller" option, you will have the possibility to organize the shipment with the courier that Amazon will indicate to you. Integration takes place via API to ensure smooth and effective communication.

Choose the Most Affordable Courier

If you use multiple couriers, you know how important it is to choose the most cost-effective one.

MarketRock offers you the opportunity to compare the real-time rates of the couriers you use, so you can select the most advantageous one.

With MarketRock, you can compare shipping costs for every courier you utilize, in real-time. You can independently upload the contracts you have signed, ensuring maximum flexibility and autonomy in your management process.

Rate comparison

Use real-time pricing or upload the rates contracted with carriers that don't offer it to MarketRock. Compare them whenever you want.

Geographical filters

Select the orders you have to deal with by making a selection by geographical criteria: you will thus be able to make your organization more efficient.

API ready

Do you need advanced integrations that take into account your specificities? You can use our APIs to solve any functional need.

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