PIM: Product Information Management

MarketRock is a PIM, which stands for Product Information Management. With a PIM, you can implement governance over your digital product catalog, sharing critical information that the entire organization can rely on (such as prices and stock availability), and enriching it with other marketing-oriented details, like images or item descriptions. All this information is stored in a single location for the benefit of the entire organization.

All your content in one place

Your products deserve attention. Having all your content in one place allows you to control the distribution of your catalog and how it is used by third parties.


  • Taxonomy

  • Multimedia

  • Variants

  • Attributes


The hierarchy tailored to your needs

Organize your products into categories and subcategories, and beyond, to the level that suits your needs.

Unleash your organizational requirements and classify articles in line with operators' expectations.

Browse through categories or search for articles using countless search terms to find what you're looking for.


Immages and video

Images and videos are available for every product, along with all other digital assets you may want to associate with each SKU.

MarketRock's Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows you to effectively manage your content, ensuring both security and quality of inputted data.


Guaranteed Flexibility

Ensure Flexibility

Organize your products by variant: size and color, or by the attributes you desire.

Assign prices, images, and unique coding for each individual variant.



Enrich your products

Enhance your products by adding attributes exactly as you need them, with no upper limit.

Set attribute sets to ensure completeness during data entry.

Descriptions and translations

One description, but many cultures can exist.

Ensure content localization for language and region. Descriptions, titles, and attributes can be translated into any cultures you desire.

“For over 8 years I have been helping sellers form different product categories, company sizes and with even specific needs. I am happy when I help organizations to achieve the goals we setted up.”

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Search with filters and views

When your product catalog consists of numerous SKUs, it is essential to be able to explore it with ease.

Discover the products you're searching for or customize filtered views to easily access them whenever needed.

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