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General information about Fruugo

The story of Fruugo begins in Finland, in Helsinki back in 2006. After the financial vicissitudes*, the company was taken over in 2012 by two entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom: Dominic Allonby and Darren Naylor.

Selling on Fruugo today means entering a platform available in 42 countries, 28 different languages and on which transactions can be carried out in as many as 31 different currencies.

*according to Techcrunch magazine, the capital eroded by a promising management with experience in Nokia and Shell is around 14.5 million euros.

How to sell on Fruugo

To intercept the approximately 240 million visitors that the company claims to have every year (data for 2021) it is sufficient to register for free starting from the site's registration page.

The registration process is very fast. Once the form intended for partners has been completed, the merchant is placed on a waiting list whose response is guaranteed within the following 7 days.

An essential element for the sale is to have the GTIN standard product identifiers for each item, i.e. the EAN/UPC/ISBN codes

Identikit of the ideal seller for Fruugo

Fruugo is oriented towards distributors of the most diverse product categories.

The most requested products are those that come from Clothing and Accessories, Personal Care and Home and Furnishings.

Given the international nature of the marketplace, it is relevant for commercial purposes to be able to guarantee shipments to Europe and the rest of the world.

“For over 8 years I have been helping sellers form different product categories, company sizes and with even specific needs. I am happy when I help organizations to achieve the goals we setted up.”

Start selling on Fruugo

Fill out the form to be contacted by one of our eCommerce Managers and discover the opportunities of selling on Fruugo.


Activating the internationalization of sales on Fruugo is quite simple: the information on the articles is translated by the platform with an ad hoc application.

The countries available are almost all of Europe, North America, the Orient and Middle East and Oceania.

The conversion of prices into local currency and the automated calculation of taxes make Fruugo an ideal platform for cross-border eCommerce.

Payments and logistics

Logistics is the responsibility of the merchant, who undertakes to ship the products within 24 hours of receiving the order.

The rate that customers will pay for shipments can be calculated according to your liking and depending on the options:

  • flat
  • on the value of the cart
  • on the size of the package
  • based on quantities

The payments made by Fruugo are on a weekly basis and relate to orders shipped approximately 28 days in advance, in order to give the buyer the opportunity to make the rest. While collecting payments in very different currencies, you will receive a transfer in the same currency as your current account.


How much does it cost to sell on Fruugo

No fixed value on using the platform will be charged to you.

The variable value is calculated net of taxes and amounts to 15%.

A further 2.35% of the total value of the transaction, on the other hand, justifies the cost for the banking circuits. Every week, Fruugo will send you an invoice detailing the details of each transaction.

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