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General information about Shopify

While Shopify is not a marketplace, we have decided to include it in this section due to its strategic relevance. Selling on Shopify is quick and easy and these features make it an "eCommerce engine" within everyone's reach, appreciated and used by a multitude of sellers.

Ho to sell with Shopify

Selling on Shopify means building an eCommerce site that you own and that you will be required to advertise in order to attract potential buyers. You will therefore have to hone your skills in digital marketing to be able to convey qualified traffic to your pages: a demanding challenge to win.

The implementation, on the other hand, is very simple because the platform manages the technical infrastructure for you (the servers on which your site runs) allowing you to focus on the more complex issue: the sale.

To start the sale, simply register on the Shopify site. Using its interface you can then build the pages of the site, including the check out page to get paid by your buyers.

Registration can take place in two different ways:

  • directly from the Shopify site. In this case you will have 15 days of free trial. At the end of this period you will have to decide whether to switch to the paid version or abandon the idea of creating your eCommerce site with Shopify.
  • through a developer partner's page. In this case the trial period is without any time limit and you can experiment as much as you want. You will start paying for the platform from the moment you publish the site. If you opt for this choice, you can request your account by filling out the form on this page.

Identikit of the ideal seller for Shopify

As anticipated, technology no longer represents a barrier to entry: building your site will be simple and cheap.

As a result, the proliferation of eCommerce sites (developed with Shopify or other applications) makes it difficult to get ahead of competitors. The real difficulties will therefore be those of:

  • have a compelling value proposition: why should the consumer buy from you?
  • making economic activity sustainable: how much does it cost to acquire a customer? and what is this value in relation to the average receipt?
  • be able to protect yourself from the competition: even if the previous points have been unmarked, how can you prevent competitors who want to replicate your initiative?

It follows from these brief reflections that the Shopify seller has a certain mastery of issues related to marketing (in particular digital marketing) and business culture. Better if he already has his own audience (for example he has a following on Instagram, TikTok or other social networks).

“For over 8 years I have been helping sellers form different product categories, company sizes and with even specific needs. I am happy when I help organizations to achieve the goals we setted up.”

Start sellin with Shopify

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Payments and logistics

The speed and ease with which you set up the option to receive payments from your consumer customers in Shopify is truly mind-blowing.

Shopify uses Stripe as a payment gateway and for you it will be enough to spend a few minutes to create the account (without leaving the Shopify interfaces) and enable it: from that moment on your customers will be able to pay with Paypal, a long series of credit cards. credit (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) and the most used wallets (Paypal, GooglePay, ApplePay, etc.).

Funds related to transactions made by your customers will be paid by Shopify to your checking account within a couple of days.

For each transaction you will be able to view the progress for the settlement in the Payout section in the Shopify back office.

Logistics, for obvious reasons, always remains with you.

How much does it cost to sell on Shopify

Shopify is an "as a service" application, which therefore includes a subscription fee for the service provided.

The price for the standard version varies between € 29 / month up to € 299 / month by virtue of the features that are enabled.

In addition to the monthly fixed license price, a percentage of sales is charged which may vary depending on the payment method used by the consumer.

In evaluating the relationship between the cost incurred and the type of service provided, remember that it includes hosting the site on Shopify's servers, continuous updates and a vast ecosystem of developers who enrich the platform with their APPs.

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