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Thanks to API calls, with eDock you can monitor your warehouse in Amazon FBA. The most complete software to keep your warehouse under control: stocks, availability, returned products and those declared unsaleable by Amazon.

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FBA logistics made simple

When you send your goods to Amazon warehouses, using their logistics and related services (Amazon FBA) you are called to manage a deferred warehouse.

In a warehouse managed by third parties, a series of circumstances may occur: products that have been lost, accidentally broken or returned by customers who exercise the right of withdrawal.

To be able to detect these events, you can explore the reports made available to you on Seller Central. Or you can use eDock, the most comprehensive software to track merchandise in the Amazon FBA warehouse.

  • Explore you SKU

  • Unsaleable products

  • Foreign warehouses

  • Multi-user management

Ordini automatici: Stati dell'ordine

Browse products by SKU

A simple screen where you can see the products sorted by SKU, sent and managed with Amazon FBA.


Check at a glance

Find at a glance how many products are salable and which are unsaleable.

Ordini automatici: valute

City and zip code

Your products can reach different sorting centers. Observe in which position the product is located, with precision.


Ordini automatici: filtri e viste

Use it with multiple Amazon users

If you need to coordinate the stock of multiple Amazon accounts, no problem: connect them all :)


Asking for a refund is simple

Simple and clear data exploration allows you to take immediate action.

It is your right to ask Amazon for a refund for goods that have been lost or accidentally broken: having access to the information, you can do so without further difficulty.

Statement of movements

A list of all movements of your product in the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Search by SKU

Search for your SKUs in the statement of movements

Condition of the product

Cerca per Condizioni del prodotto nell'estratto conto dei movimenti

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