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Boost your performance.

Boost your performance. Your inventory levels, which are the quantities of a certain product you have, are always synchronized on MarketRock.

The availability is allocated for each sales channel where you choose to publish your articles, whether it's Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or one of the other platforms integrated with MarketRock. And when you receive an order from one channel, it updates on all the others.


Unlock the potential of your price lists.

Unlock the potential of your price lists and expand your sales across different markets and countries at your desired prices. For instance, you can sell on Amazon Italy at one price and on Amazon France at another.

Establish price update policies to effortlessly synchronize values without the need for lengthy and cumbersome operations.


Sleep soundly: let MarketRock take care of synchronization

Real-time notifications

Update notifications are sent in real time, leveraging Microsoft Azure notifications.

Update times

Updates are queued by marketplaces and processed accordingly.

Warehouse handling

Each order received on MarketRock moves the warehouse, which is automatically updated on the sales channels.

Out of Stock

Enable the out of stock function to not lose relevance when selling on eBay and other marketplaces.

Sync your marketplaces now